FDF 2017 Update

Dear Resurrection Parishioners:

As fast as FDF 2017 came, it went. Our kids who traveled to San Diego performed wonderfully, and made memories that will last a lifetime. For a group composed of a majority of first year dancers, the bright lights and large crowds didn’t faze our kids at all.

Enotita was a crowd pleaser on Saturday afternoon and Nea Arxi brought down the house both Friday and Saturday. While Nea Arxi did not place for their dancing, we returned home with the choral award for the Advanced Junior category, an award that is not easily won.

Our kids are absolutely in love with their experience at FDF and already cannot wait to go back next year. Thank you to the parish and the numerous families who made this program a success this year. Here’s to a successful FDF in 2018!


With love and thanks,
Kim Spencer

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