Building Project Update

Picture6As of the first week of April, the total monies pledged to our capital campaign are now $2.3 million and over $600,000 in hand from eleven families!

Many, many thanks to all who have already pledged to our campaign or who have indicated that you will pledge to our capital campaign.  A big thank you as well to our dynamic capital campaign committee: Justin Bosl (co-chair), Dimitri Haloulos (co-chair), George Psefteas, Gary Wallner, Matthew Jameson and Nick Vriheas.

As our fundraising continues, our parish steering committee, led by Fawaz Khanachet, are actively looking at properties in the Tri-Valley area as potential sites to build a new church and multi-purpose facility.  To date, over twenty-five properties have been looked at in the last eighteen months, and we are making progress in narrowing down potential sites.

As you’ve seen by now in the capital campaign literature that was mailed out, our Phase I goal is to raise $4 million to buy a property, which we hope to accomplish this calendar year.  As we continue our efforts to grow our parish and its ministries, we must also remember that the Lord is guiding us every step along the way.

The question we should be asking is not, “Where can we find money?” but “Lord, where is the money You are sending to us?”  Not “Where can we find land?” but “Lord, where is the land you are preparing for your church?”  As long as we “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness,” then truly “all these things will be added.”  (Matthew 6:33)

Please keep our capital campaign and steering committees in your prayers as they undertake this historic task in the life of our community.  Thank you again for your support!


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