Parish Youth Director

Anna 1In the spirit of continuing the growth of our parish and its programs, last December, our parish council and general assembly approved an aggressive budget for 2017 that included the hiring of a full-time parish youth director.

After a thorough search the first three months of 2017, our parish council selected Ms. Anna Teodosiadis, who will be graduating from Hellenic College this May!

Anna is originally from Issaquah, Washington, and is graduating with a BA in Human Development and a minor in Religious Studies.  She will be joining us for our Holy Friday Retreat as an opportunity to meet the families and our parish, and will begin serving our community in an ongoing capacity on June 1, 2017.

The purpose of a parish youth director is to develop and grow new youth programs as well as strengthen preexisting youth programs within our community with the help of the priest and parish leadership.  Father Niko, our parish council and our ministry leaders believe that a full time director of youth ministries is a key step to retaining our children within the life of our parish, as well as bringing new families to the parish.  Let us remember that we are called by the Lord to be vigilant in growing our faith, always looking for new ways to continue the ministry of the Church.  As in any organization, there is no such thing as simply “maintaining” our programs.  On the contrary, we are actively trying to grow our programs.

Thanks to the support of so many of our parishioners who have significantly increased their stewardship to our parish, we are now in a position to hire Anna as our full-time youth director.  Special thanks to Gary Wallner, Nick Droogas and Andrew Torres for interviewing all our youth director candidates and recommending Ms. Teodosiadis for this position to the parish council.  Most importantly, many, many thanks to all our people for your generous support and your prayers which, by God’s grace, have made this vision a reality.

If you have a chance on Holy Friday during our retreat (10 am- 3 pm), please stop by and bring your children so they can meet our new youth director!  We look forward to working with Anna for many years to come!


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