Food Pantry Ministry Update


Exciting things have been happening since our last report. This update will provide you with some highlights and next steps. First, the Food Bank requires that there are dedicated dry and cold storage units.

After much thoughtful discussion and research, we have ordered two, dry storage sheds with plans for construction by Lee Petsas and his team by the end of July well before the festival. They will be located in the outside area with access from the kitchen.  We are finalizing plans for the cold storage and, once complete, then we are in business! What does that exactly mean?

It means we will be in a position to distribute food to those in need. We’ve reached out to the other churches in CV to get a sense of the numbers and to coordinate distribution days. It seems that the average number of clients that come to their food pantries is between 25 and 40. Given our schedule, the best day for us to distribute food will be on Saturday mornings, twice a month.

How can you help? First, thank you to those that responded to our initial call for help. We definitely need more support in the roles of:

  • Shoppers
  • Food distributors
  • Set up & clean up
  • Administrative support

The ACCFB provides informative, well-run orientation classes to better equip
your participation. For those interested, we can talk more about these great
resources! Please continue to keep this ministry in your prayers and let us know
how you’d like to participate. We thank you for your continued support!

Who is ACCFB?

  • Est. in 1985, the Alameda County Community Food Bank has been at the forefront of hunger-relief efforts.
  • Resurrection is part of their network of 240 food pantries
  • 1 in 5 residents in Alameda County, nearly two-thirds of whom  are children & seniors, are food insecure

For more information check out:

Food Pantry Co-chairs:

Melissa Neofes Mischak

Sandy Jouthas

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