Project Mexico Update

PM1This year our parish returned to Rosarito, Mexico for the first time in three years to participate in the summer home building program, Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage.

The Resurrection participants included Mark and Barbara Fridell, George and Peter Psefteas, Danielle and Andrew Torres and Terra Ramirez. For most of our Castro Valley group it was the first visit to Mexico to build homes. There was a tangible feeling of enthusiasm coupled with a wide variety of expectations for what the week-long journey would bring.

Our group of seven from Castro Valley was accompanied by roughly sixty volunteers of all ages and from every corner of the Orthodox world in the United States. We would come together, through an expression of faith in action, to build three homes for three beautiful families we had never met.

This mission provided us with a powerful spiritual experience beyond what we could have anticipated. Each day began with prayers of working intention and ended with prayers of gratitude.

Enriching our spiritual journey was fellowship and the cultivation of relationships with Orthodox Christians from all ages and backgrounds. Perhaps what left us the most fulfilled were the interactions with the boys of St. Innocent Orphanage, the family we built a home for, and children of the community. Every conversation, laugh and hug left us moved and laid a path of prayerful reflection.

We are so grateful to Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage for welcoming us with love and gratitude while providing volunteers a place to eat, sleep, pray and grow in Christ.

Above all we thank God for blessing us with a wonderful and inspiring opportunity to partake in this mission in His name. We also want to thank each of our team members who participated, as well as everyone else who helped make this mission possible through their donations and prayers.

Our hope is to share this life-changing experience with our broader Resurrection parish family in the years to come.

“We did something for them in building a simple home, and maybe they thought we would expect them to do something in return, and yet nothing was asked of them. It was an offering made in the name of our loving God.

In truth however, they did do something special for us – they helped change our perspective on life, our worldview. We each have been enriched by this special experience.”

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