Sunday School

Our first day of Sunday school was Sunday, September 17! We started in our individual classrooms, meeting our teachers and classmates, and then went on to meet everyone in the small hall with a ‘Prayer-Kick Off!’ The kids discussed the importance of prayer, and for what reasons we need to pray. As the theme of the… Read More


Our first Sr. GOYA gathering was Saturday, September 23 where we came together to root for the Oakland A’s and got front row seats to the Star Wars firework show.  We had such a fun night! Info Day—On Sunday, September 24 the admissions counselor from Hellenic College Holy Cross, Stephanie Couchell led a wonderful discussion… Read More

Young Adults

On September 9th, the young adult group hosted a movie and dinner night on the grassy knoll. We celebrated an Akathist service to pray for all those suffering of natural disasters right now, cooked hot dogs and tots, brought other “baseball themed” snacks to share, and made root beer floats while watching The Sandlot outside.… Read More

Men’s Fellowship Ministry

After a brief hiatus for the summer, Men’s Fellowship will next meet on Sunday, October 15 at 5:30 pm at the home of Steve and Lisa Rigisich (1124 Westmoreland Circle, Walnut Creek)!  We thank Steve and Lisa for their hospitality, as always, and for helping begin our men’s fellowship ministry.  In addition to our usual… Read More

Dance Groups

We are so proud of our dance groups that were invited to perform at the Concord Greek Festival on September 16th. Nea Arxi will also be performing at the San Ramon Culture in the Community Celebration event on Sunday afternoon, October 15. Don’t forget Godparents’ Sunday on October 22nd!! The dance groups will be performing… Read More