IOCC Hurricane Harvey Relief

South Texas and Louisiana are beginning the recovery process after Hurricane Harvey brought an estimated of 50 inches of rainfall, causing loss of life, extensive property damage, and hardship for the residents of Houston, the United States’ fourth-largest city. Fatalities are estimated to be over 60 people, with tens of thousands more displaced and staying… Read More


We had our very first JOY gathering on Tuesday, September 12 at San Ramon’s Central Park. Families brought dishes to share, we played on the playground, and jump roped the night away. We were able to have a discussion on the meaning of joy vs. happiness. The kids shared what has brought them joy recently,… Read More


Resurrection hosted their very first Jr. GOYA gathering on September 15th at Danville’s Sycamore Valley Park. We had a whopping 21 Jr. GOYAns! Families brought a dish to share and got to chat throughout the evening. The kids participated in relay races, and then later went on to discussing how we can stay calm, yet take… Read More