Mom’s Bible Study

IMG_6595After taking a brief hiatus early 2018, our Mom’s Bible Study group format was changed a bit and restarted this last March 13 during Great Lent.  The group, led by Annemarie Bosl, now will go through topical discussions over a series of four sessions periodically throughout the year.

Our first topic for this year was raising children, looking at quotes from Saint Porphyrios’ book, “Wounded by Love,” Sister Magdalen’s “Conversations with Children,” as well as the book of Proverbs and other quotes from Scripture.  Childcare is now provided during Mom’s Group thanks to our youth director Anna Teodosiadis and a small group of wonderful ladies from our parish.  Tea and refreshments are provided each session, as well.

The final two sessions on our current topic will be April 10 and 24, as well as a brunch on May 1 at Father Niko & Presbytera Stella’s house.  All are welcome to attend, whether you are a brand new mom or have teenagers!  For questions or for more information, please feel free to contact Annemarie at


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