Creative Blessings Podcast Episode 2 “Justice Explored”


As mentioned last month a new podcast has spun out of Father Niko’s blog, “Christ, Coffee and Comics” as of this year!  Chris Kotsakis, a devout Orthodox Christian from Northwest New Jersey who is also a graphic design artist, has arranged to record a podcast called “Creative Blessings” each month with Father Niko!

The second episode of the podcast has now recorded and posted on as well as, with a third episode, already recorded, to follow shortly.  In each episode, Father Niko and Chris talk about their own journeys to Orthodoxy, their life in faith, family, and their love of comic books.  Future podcast episodes will be posted on iTunes and Stitcher very soon, and each episode, as well as future blog articles, can be found at “Christ, Coffee, and Comics.”


Many thanks to everyone for their support!  God bless!


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