Mom’s Bible Study


On May 1, a brunch for all our moms was held at Father Niko & Presbytera Stella’s house, and a wonderful time was had by all!  On that day, topics for forthcoming mom’s group sessions were discussed, including marriage and prayer, as well as continuing the topic of raising children in an Orthodox Christian home.  New books were also suggested by our moms for future discussion, including “Parenting Toward the Kingdom” by Dr. Philip Mamalakis.  Many, many thanks to Annemarie Bosl and Presbytera Stella for coordinating brunch on May 1, as well as Mom’s Group this whole year!

Mom’s Bible Study will resume this month on Tuesday, June 30, this time meeting at a different mom’s home each week.  All are welcome to attend, whether you are a brand new mom or have teenagers!  Time, location and topic for the month are still to be determined, but it will once again be a five-session course.  For questions or for more information, please feel free to contact Annemarie at


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