2019 District St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival

Pictured (l to r): Eleni Dimitrakos and Stavroula Psefteas, Junior Division; and Judi Bosl, Senior Division.

What Does it Mean to Carry the Light?
To Eleni, Stavroula and Judi, they carried the Light of Christ by sharing their thoughts through words and expression on two different topics last month at the District Oratorical Festival at Holy Cross in Belmont.

Eleni and Stavroula spoke on the significance of water within the Church, and Judi discussed the importance of being biblically literate today. All three did a beautiful job professing their faith to an audience of many, including those from the parish who went to support them—and for those who may not have been in attendance, read each of their presentations.

About The Oratorical Festival
Finding one’s voice in our Christian Orthodox Faith and daring to stand and speak is no small endeavor! The Oratorical Festival offers our youth the opportunity to do just this. By reading about their Faith, learning, writing, and sharing their heartfelt thoughts and findings, this festival allows youth to gain a deeper connection to their heritage, their Christian Orthodox Faith, and ultimately, self. 

The festival program begins at the parish level and is divided in three Divisions: Elementary, (grades 4-6), Junior (grades 7-9), and Senior (grades 10-12).  Top Junior and Senior Division speakers advance to district level, from which two finalists then advance to the Metropolis Oratorical Festival. The top two Metropolis division speakers participate in the Archdiocese Finals – where generous scholarship opportunities for Hellenic College are offered. While the Elementary Level offers younger children to think about and speak on topics such as Jesus Christ, love, lighting a candle, being kind, the cross, my church, the Junior and Senior Divisions are given pre-set topics from the Archdiocese to choose from.

Resurrection Parish Oratorical Festival

This year’s Parish Oratorical Festival was held on March 10th and was an inspiring, emotional event!  In total, there were 10 participants: 4 Elementary speakers, 4 Junior Division participants, and 2 Senior Division participants.

The prayer for this year’s festival was that our children might find intrinsic value in this event – and understand that it is not simply an external demand to take on yet another “task” or do more “homework.” This festival is a journey of exploration and discovery that requires courage, self-reflection and faith!

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