Building Project Challenge – Raise $4M in 4 Years!

Over three years ago, our community “cast our nets,” beginning our capital campaign to purchase a property and build a new sanctuary to further witness our faith – and our capital campaign continues to build momentum. We currently have $3,036,350 pledged by 43 families for our building project, with roughly $1.34 million on hand. This milestone was reached after a feasibility study in 2014 estimated that the church was capable of raising roughly $1 million.

By God’s grace, that number has been surpassed and we are on our way to achieving our goal of $4 million for Phase I, which will include acquiring a property in the Tri-Valley.

Having raised $3 million in three years, can we endeavor in 2019 to raise $4 million in four?

We believe we can, and that the Lord’s plan is to offer us as much support as is needed to build His temple! We prayerfully invite you to help us reach our $4 million goal for the first phase of our project. All contributions are equally needed and appreciated. We realize this initiative is a very personal commitment, so please do not hesitate to reach out to Fr. Niko or Justin Bosl, who would be happy to visit you to discuss the project in person.

By God’s grace, this dream will soon become a reality.

Visit the Capital Campaign page or read the May Vision For Our Future Building Project Report to learn more about the project.

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