2019 Castro Valley Greek Festival

As we approach our 48th Annual Greek Festival, let’s reflect on other Greek festivals in the United States.

Greek festivals started as a sense of pride and outreach: a celebration to show the local community who we are. People came together to cook traditional foods, serve beverages and put visual and performing arts on display. As we showed our φιλοξενία (filoxenia) to the local communities, people were coming into the church, not because of wanting to be Greek, but wanting to learn more about the faith because of the hospitality shown.

There are hundreds of Greek festivals in the U.S., some big and some small—but one thing remains constant: the φιλοξενία that we show others does not go unnoticed.

The challenge this year is this: can we show our love
for the Faith and Church, by contributing together to
create an event that will showcase our Orthodoxy and
outreach to the community, in addition to
taking pride in Hellenism?

There are still many volunteer opportunities available for YOU to help with the Festival! Visit https://bit.ly/2K0zAg2 to sign up online for a volunteer assignment, or stop by the festival table in the hall during coffee hour. Big thanks to all who have already signed up! We’re looking forward to working together to make this year’s festival a success!

Interested in taking on a larger role? Contact Christopher Hondros at cjhondros@gmail.com.

For more information about the Castro Valley Greek Festival, visit: http://www.greekfestival.me/

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