General Assembly Highlights – December 8, 2019

General Assembly Highlights – December 8, 2019

Stewardship Report: Gary Wallner
Our parish has grown an expanded our various ministries, with great success. We have had 55 new steward families in the past three years, a 43% growth in Sunday School registration, 15 new ministries, and a 31% increase in stewardship revenue.
Our 2020 stewardship target is $430k.

Ministries Report: Anna Teodosiadis
Our youth programs are extremely successful, our dance program is expanding, as well as youth athletics.

Building Project Report: George Psefteas
We have opened escrow on the potential future property that is located on Dublin Canyon Road in Pleasanton. Renderings for what we would like to see our new church look like were shared; however, actual plans have not yet been determined.

We have set out specific phasing for the project. We are currently in the process of Phase 1. The hope is that by mid-year of 2020, the property will be secured. View the presentation for more information.

Anyone who has any questions or concerns regarding the property or the Capital Campaign should contact George Psefteas or Father Niko for further discussion.

Festival 2019 Final Report: Chris Hondros and Nicolette Efstathiou
We almost surpassed our 2017 numbers. Our ala-carte sales were doubled, and the costs were down. The roast full lamb was a big success, we sold out entirely. The frappe booth also was extremely successful, selling out by Sunday afternoon. The festival brought in approximately $27k in net income.

Parish Financial Reports: George Efstathiou
2019 to date: Stewardship is doing well. Preschool rental income is higher this year, due to a rent increase and rental of the small hall during the summer months. Administrative costs have gone up through this past year due to an increase in working costs.

Our Archdiocese assessment has increased greatly in 2020 and we are currently in the process of appealing. There is a proposed increase in the 2020 chanting budget for purchasing music/books, along with $25k for upgrading the bathrooms in the small hall.

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