NOW AVAILABLE: Church Music Instructional Videos

The San Francisco Metropolis Church Music Federation Ministry’s Church Music Development team has been working on ways to Build Up The Body of Christ and make the hymnology of our church readily available to parishes – educating in both musical and spiritual ways. 

Since Pascha, the team has produced 7 Church Music Instructional Videos for parishioners to view and bring lessons into their homes.

The teaching is straight-forward: To reach all ages and levels of singers, easily accessible music using primarily AGES™, was chosen to increase participation in the home prayer life, as well as interaction with the live-streaming of divine services. Each video is under 10 minutes and asynchronous: instead of attempting a live Zoom rehearsal where sound quality and technical difficulties could make things chaotic, these videos can be played at any time to educate and inspire.

For more information about this ministry, contact Church Music Development Team Lead, Christopher Hondros.

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