Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining – What’s Yours?!

Father Niko often speaks about the unexpected silver linings that have come this year with the Covid-19 pandemic. I know my home projects “to do” list has never been so short, or my garden so fragrant with blossoming flowers.  Many parishioners shared how much they loved reading about everyone’s “Pandemic Pastimes” in the June Monthly Bulletin, so now we want to hear about the “Silver Linings” that have occurred in your lives!

Are you buzzing with news of babies being born, wedding engagements, retirements, or other milestone events being celebrated? Are you a recent “virtual” graduate or new job hire – what was that experience like for you – good/bad/crazy?  Let’s showcase your story in the July 2020 Digital Monthly Bulletin!

Here’s all you need to do:
1. Send an email to renee@cvresurrection.org by Thursday, June 25th
with your Silver Lining story, in 250 words or less (don’t reply to this email)
2. Include a picture of yourself/silver lining.
3. Encourage your family members and friends to submit a story – we love hearing from young and old, alike.
4. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, formatting, etc. – I’ll help with that!
5. Need some inspiration? This happy couple just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary – congratulations, Fawaz and Connie!

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