What Are You #GR8FUL For?

It’s baseball season, and my favorite baseball player is the inspirational #8, Hunter Pence of the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. Hunter coined the phrase, #GR8FUL when his contract with the Giants was coming to an end in 2018. He chose to be grateful for his time with the franchise, rather than focus on no longer being part of the team (and now he’s #GR8FUL to be back!).

Every day, we have so much to be grateful for. But between the stress of this pandemic, constant life demands, struggles, and worries, we can easily become overwhelmed. We can forget in the midst of busyness and pressures to pause and give thanks for all that God has done – and continues to do in our lives. To have a #GR8FUL heart is to find God’s blessings in everything around us. 

How has God blessed you these past few months? We want to know!
We’d love to showcase your stories in the August Digital Monthly Bulletin – here’s all you need to do:
1. Send me an email by Tuesday, July 28
with what you’re #GR8FUL for, in 250 words or less.
2. Include a picture of you/your blessing(s), if possible.
3. Encourage your family members and friends to submit a story – we love hearing from young and old, alike!

I’m #GR8FUL for our loving Resurrection family!

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