Reopening Resurrection UPDATE – November 18, 2020

Alameda County Moves to Purple Tier
In-person, Outdoor Divine Services
Continue, Weather Permitting

Dear Parishioners,
With the recent surge in Coronavirus cases in California and specifically, because of Alameda County’s move to Purple Tier, we regretfully must go back to offering in-person, outdoor Divine Services on Sundays, weather permitting. Weekday Services will be available for viewing remotely via the Resurrection YouTube channel and Facebook page only. 

You may continue to sign up for In-person Outdoor Sunday Divine Services  following the current process. Please dress warm. Due to possible winds, sun shades/tents will not be set up for safety reasons. 

The Reopening Readiness team will monitor the weather each week. If rain is projected, outdoor services will be canceled and a notification will be sent out via email to all parishioners the Friday before services.

Although this is an unfortunate move backwards, our goal during the Pandemic remains the same: “provide the sacrament of Holy Communion to as many parishioners as possible, in alignment with our mission to Bring People Closer to God.” We ask that you be patient with us as we continue to reassess how to best meet our goal over the next few months, as additional changes may be necessary. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Parish Council President Rebecca Spiros Hoyer, Contingency Plan Task Force Leader Ray Akkawi, or use the “Parish Council Ask Us Anything” portal.

Thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding, 
The Parish Council Contingency Planning Task Force and Reopening Readiness Team

Note: Anyone who is a “shut-in” and would like to receive Holy Communion (not an end-of-life emergency), may come 20 minutes after the conclusion of Sunday liturgy, and Father Niko will wait outside with the chalice.

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