Kalo Mina – Blessed Lent

Great Lent
A Season of Spiritual Preparation

The March edition of the Resurrection Digital Monthly Bulletin is focused on preparing for Great Lent – a time for self-examination and self-denial, and a time for taking control of our lives and our bodies. You’ll also find inspirational stories and happenings from our parishioners and various ministries to keep you connected to our thriving parish family!

The Lenten fast is to give us a greater awareness of our dependence on God. It is a time to improve ourselves and our relationship with God. Lent is a time for greater works of mercy and charity for those less fortunate than us. It is a time for visitation of the sick and assistance to the poor, and generally a more joyful relationship with those who are close to us – our family and friends. Most of all, Lent is a time of joy and a new beginning. We cleanse ourselves –mind, body and soul– through the physical and spiritual fast, keeping a Christian attitude in all that we do. All this is done to prepare us for the Great Feast of Pascha – the Resurrection of Christ.
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