2021 Great Lent and Holy Week Services

Visit the Resurrection Website to sign up for In-person Indoor Sunday Divine Services before coming to church. You’ll receive an email confirming your reservation before the service. Weekday Services are first come, first served – no reservation needed. You will be asked to sign in upon arrival (up to 58 people maximum and socially-distanced seating still applies).

When Attending or Watching Divine Services

Where to Watch the Service Remotely
Resurrection YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPSwUIDbfi9qdmyJfUnHrQ and Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church Facebook page. 

Visit the Sunday Sermons Video Playlist to hear Father Niko Bekris’ latest homily.

Online Liturgy BooksAGES Digital Chant Stand (agesinitiatives.com). Click on the date in the “Calendar Index” (left hand column) to find the text for the service of the day. If you have any issues accessing this link from your mobile device, you may want to download the Ages Initiatives App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Candles and Trays: To light a candle and make a tray offering online, visit: https://my-site-109828-107766.square.site/. >

Stewardship gifts may be made online at: https://cvresurrection.org/new-online-giving/.

2 thoughts on “2021 Great Lent and Holy Week Services

    1. Hi Penny, the Resurrection Reopening Readiness team is currently meeting to plan for the upcoming Holy Week services. The goal is to allow as many parishioners as possible to safely attend our weekday and Sunday services. More details will be shared in the near future, specific to Holy Week. In the meantime, please contact Glen Kaminski, Reopening Readiness Team Leader if you have any other questions/concerns.


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