National Presvyteres Celebration This Sunday, June 5

“Growing up as the daughter of a Presvytera was awesome! I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing role model.  My mother showed me what it means to give without being asked, what it means to help others, what it means to be strong and resilient, but the most important thing my mother showed me was what it means to love. Love my family, my children, and everyone I come in contact with, even when it isn’t easy.

There is a popular saying, ‘the woman behind the man’ but truly, Presvyteres and Diakonisses are ‘the women beside the men’. Their love and devotion to our Church and to us, is one of sacrifice.  They sacrifice the time they could spend with their spouse as a family unit, so that we can have spiritual guidance from our Priests and our Deacons.  They oftentimes provide us the shoulder we need to cry on, the ear to complain to, and the arms to hug us.” – Christine Psefteas

Please join us this Sunday as we celebrate our Presvyteres and Diakonissa and come together to show our love and support for these amazing and strong women.  We will also be recognizing Anna Teodosiadis’ 5-year anniversary as our Parish youth director.

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