“What better thing can the people do than sing. I know of no better thing than this!” – St. Augustine

Resurrection’s Church Choir is made up of dedicated stewards who have been participating in the worship services since the Resurrection parish began in the early 1970’s. The amazing part is that many of its volunteers are still singing today. Their love of music and the church is reflected as they participate during liturgy on Sunday singing praises to our Lord and leading the congregation in one voice.

Reading Greek or reading music is not a prerequisite to join the choir. If you have a desire to sing, but a little shy, sing with us anyway. Our choir members are ready to teach. We rehearse on Thursday evenings and when preparing for Holy Week, extra rehearsal time is scheduled.

Youth Choir

Youth Choir allows our children to
pray to God through the hymns
of the church.

For more information about our church music program, please contact Liz Levy at the church office: office@cvresurrection.org