About Project Mexico

Our Mission

To show God’s love through the ministry of building a home for an impoverished family in Mexico.

Project Mexico’s mission is to provide homes to struggling families south of the border. Each year, we travel to the Saint Innocent Orphanage just south of Tijuana where we spend a week with fellow Orthodox Christians from all over the country and, in groups of about 20, we build simple homes for a needy families.

Program Objectives

  1. Express God’s love through our homebuilding mission.
  2. Set aside time for spiritual growth while gathering with fellow Orthodox Christians and participating in daily services and quiet time before each day’s work.

Contact Us

Contact Mark Fridell at maark56@hotmail.com or (925) 872-8111 for information about our annual trip to Project Mexico. For more information about Project Mexico’s St. Innocent Orphanage, visit ProjectMexico.org.