The St. Paraskevi Seniors started sometime around 1990 as a social group. We would meet at a nearby park and enjoy lunch and fellowship. Trips were taken to Reno, Tahoe and St. Nicholas Ranch. We attended vespers at various churches for their name day. One such meeting happened to be on St. Paraskevi, thus the name was chosen and we became a more active group, with officers and an agenda.

We have become more active the past six or seven years. We continue to have activities for the seniors of our parish. These have included several trips–including nearby monasteries–speakers, luncheons at various places, attendance at theater productions, and a yearly trip to a casino. In October 2010, we honored our 90-year-olds with a special luncheon. There were seven in their nineties and one member was 103.

To financially help our church, we work for the festival, we do the luncheons for the makarias and host the Palm Sunday luncheons. Our proceeds have benefited the church. We paid for the new altar boy robes, paid for several items needed in the kitchen, put up the mantel in the small hall, cleaned all the chairs in the hall, and always give to the discretionary fund for needy causes.

We meet at 11 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month. After the meeting, there is always lunch–bring-your-own-bag, delicious pot luck, or pizza. We occasionally meet at a restaurant for our meeting and always have a special Christmas luncheon. Fellowship is our main goal. Anyone who is a senior is welcome to become a part of this lively group. Membership is $10 a year. Contact Treasurer Helen Garedakis at 510-351-8645 and become an active member.