When the concept of “dues” was eliminated in 1987, we began a fundamental program known as Fair Share. This program has now developed into a complete “Stewardship Program.”

To understand the concept of Christian Stewardship we must realize that as baptized and chrismated Orthodox Christians, we have a daily obligation to the ministry of the Church. Stewardship calls each of us, the individual and every family member to manage his or her time, talents, and treasure to the glory of God.

For some, the Stewardship Program is only a financial system of supporting the parish. This belief, unfortunately, shows a misunderstanding of the word itself, as well as our obligation to live the Christian Orthodox Faith. Stewardship in reality involves all our lives – all that we say, feel, and do is a part of the Stewardship ministry. When we worship together, when we visit the sick, participate and support the Philoptochos philanthropy, when we assist the various programs of our youth and senior citizens, or work at the Food Festival –  this is all Stewardship.