Resurrection Giving Plan

Online Giving

“Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God gave you.”   Deuteronomy 16:1

The  goal of the Resurrection Parish is to increase our giving to strengthen our ministries, expand our services, and meet our parish regular operating expenses.

We suggest a stewardship giving guideline of 5% of annual household  income. Although this amount is far less than the 10% tithe, and much less than Jesus’ command, pledging a gift of 5% by all Resurrection Stewards will enable our church’s operating expenses to be fully funded and allow us to continue to spread the word of Jesus Christ in the East Bay and Tri-Valley areas.

The logic is simple and scriptural: those who have more are able to give more!

You are invited to identify your current household income on the following chart and determine your personal giving goal.

Household Income Weekly Gift Annual Gift
$250,000 $241 $12,500
$150,000 $145 $7,500
$100,000 $97 $5,000
$80,000 $77 $4,000
$60,000 $58 $3,000
$40,000 $39 $2,000
$30,000 $29 $1500
$20,000 $20 $1000
$10,000 $10 $500


2019 stewardship commitment e-card