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Message from Father

Fr Niko

Resurrection Day!
O people, let us

brilliantly shine! Pascha, the Lord’s Pascha!
For Christ our God has out of death passed
us over into life, and likewise from earth
to heaven, as we now sing unto Him a
triumphal hymn.

– Katavasies of Pascha, Ode 1

Beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord,

The message of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the Good News which we proclaim and live each day of our lives.  The message of the defeat and the destruction of death is a profound one, one which assures us that no matter what the conflict, what the ailment, what the challenge or tragedy that exists in the world, the Lord will emerge victorious, and we with Him.

We carry this Good News with us everywhere we go during Pascha and Bright Week.  Many of us bring our Paschal candle home and make the sign of the Cross each year on our doorways, demonstrating that we live in a Christian home.  Within the Church, priests are fully vested in white all week long, regardless of what service is being celebrated (in the Old Country, the week after Pascha there was even a custom of priests wearing their vestments everywhere they went!).

The doors of the altar are left open, and the bay leaves thrown on Holy Saturday morning remain during the Easter period.  All Orthodox Christians bask in the glow of the Easter vigil after we leave the church and reenter our everyday life.  Truly, the Resurrection permeates every area of our life if we allow it to.

Our community, which has existed in its present day site for nearly five decades and has been looking to grow into a bigger site for nearly as long, is experiencing its own Resurrection joy this year, as well!  At the time of this writing, the special general assembly on March 20 voted to proceed to make an offer a new site in Livermore.  We have yet to receive approval from the bank on a potential loan, nor have we made a formal offer yet, but we have voted, as a community, to move forward and build!

Truly, the light of the Resurrection, the light of the empty tomb which found the angels sitting at the head and feet of the stone (John 20:12), the light of the empty tomb which has permeated the hearts and minds of our people for the past fifty years has brought us once again to a milestone moment in our community’s history.

It is not any one individual who has brought us to this point, but the Holy Spirit Himself Who guides us and brings us to where He wants us to be, both for the glory of God and for the good of His people.  This is truly a day of celebration, when we believe that the light which has brought us so much joy will be spread into the hearts of many others who long for God and search for a spiritual home.

This Paschal season, let us indeed be thankful for all the gifts the Lord has given us, not the least of which is a beautiful spiritual sanctuary, but most of all, the gift of eternal life.  It is this message which separates Christianity, and Orthodox Christianity, in particular, from all other faiths, and what separates us as a community.  Let us thank God for the Good News of His Resurrection.  May this same message of the destruction of evil and the annihilation of death guide and lead us as we take the next steps in our community’s future, and our lives as Orthodox Christians.

Χριστος Ανεστη!  Αληθως Ανεστη!

Christ is Risen!  Truly He is Risen!

With love in the Risen Lord,

Father Niko Bekris

Our Church

Our Priest and Our Team

Liz Levy

Office Administrator

Marcelo P. Souza

Site administrator, teacher.

Fr. Niko Bekris

Parish Priest since 2015

Anna Teodosiadis

Youth Director
Our Ministries

Latest Updates

After taking a brief hiatus early 2018, our Mom’s Bible Study group format was changed a bit and restarted this last March 13 during Great Lent.  The group, led by Annemarie Bosl, now will go through topical discussions over a series of four sessions periodically throughout the year. Our first topic for this year was… Read More

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Congratulations to our Resurrection Middle School boys basketball team who had an amazing season in the Orthodox Youth Athletic Association.  The team played other parish’s around the bay area including Holy Trinity, Holy Cross, St. Gregory, St. Nicholas,  Annunciation and Ascension, and made it all the way to the playoffs. Congratulations guys!!

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Our GOYA (6-12 grades) gathered along with the other Bay Area GOYA to enjoy a Lenten Retreat in the Marin Headlands. The theme of the weekend was Self Control. The GOYAns had a weekend of Orthodox Life sessions about Self-Control, decorated Pascha Candles, hiked with His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos, and got to enjoy the beauty… Read More

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Joy met on Tuesday, March 13th.  Thank you to the Hoyer’s for hosting and some GOYAns for helping lead. JOY had a fun night putting all the Sundays of Lent (including Triodion!) in order. Don’t be afraid to test them next time you see them! See you all at the Good Friday Retreat on April 6.

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The St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival was held on March 25 this year at Resurrection. Congratulations to all four of our participants, Judi Bosl, Joseph Bosl, Peter Psefteas and Stavroula Psefteas who did an amazing job speaking. The Oratorical Festival was opened with our Youth Choir singing the National Anthems in both Greek & English,… Read More

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On March 17, our Young Adults gathered for a Paraklesis service to St. Patrick.  It was a special moment for all Young Adults as they got to hear the Odes and Troparion of St. Patrick for the first time. After the Paraklesis, they enjoyed dinner and discussion meeting one another and catching up! See you… Read More

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The Outreach Ministry of Coffee Hour Fr Jim Kordaris You may not realize it, but coffee hour is a ministry. It’s an extension of liturgy that goes back to the earliest days of the Church when the faithful would gather following the Eucharist for fellowship and to share a meal. Outreach in the parish is… Read More

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On Sunday, March 25th, the Youth Choir performed the following pieces in honor of the Annunciation to the Theotokos AND Greek Independence Day: Τη Ηπερμαχο, the Greek National Anthem, and the United States National Anthem. Their choir director is Chris Hondros. Please support our dance groups and make your reservations for the May 5th Glendi!! See Flyer for more… Read More

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Saturday, March 31: Lazarus Saturday Orthros 8:00 am, Divine Liturgy 9:00 am Sunday, April 1: Palm Sunday Orthros 8:45 am Divine Liturgy 10:00 am Bridegroom Service – 7:00 pm Monday, April 2: Holy Monday Bridegroom Service 7:00 pm Tuesday, April 3: Holy Tuesday Bridegroom Service 7:00 pm Wednesday, April 4: Holy Wednesday Presanctified Liturgy 9:00… Read More

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From the Fathers

Spiritual Sayings

He is not here, He is Risen.

Come let us drink a new drink.  Not one miraculously brought forth from a barren rock, but from the fountain of immortality, sprung forth from Christ’s Tomb, from which we are edified.

It is the Day of Resurrection!  O people, let us glory in its splendor!  Pascha, the Lord’s Pascha!  For Christ our God has transported us who sing the triumphal hymn from death to life, and from earth to Heaven.

For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that He was buried, that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures…


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